Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Space, The Final Frontier

These are the voyages...

Ok, ok I won't do the whole thing!
But I do really like Star Trek.

And I immediately thought of it when I was editing these shots.
...the fact that I'd just watched an episode the night before probably had nothing to do with it.


Not to be braggy, but I must say that I was quite pleased with how these starbursts came out.


Not to mention the flares.


Does anyone know what those white specks are?


They're cottonseeds.


It is indeed time for the cottonwoods to drop their fluffy, soft seeds all around town and in our yard.
HERE is a shot from last season

Several of you have asked what I did to create these images, so here's the secret...

During shooting:
1. To get the starbursts you need a small aperture.
2. Adjust your shutter speed accordingly for a well exposed shot.
3. Do NOT look directly into the viewfinder, unless you wish to experience temporary blindness. Ouch!

During Editing:
1. I boosted the saturation levels up to about +25
2. Boosted the dark tone levels a lot

And that is it!


  1. wow these are really amazing, they really look like shots taken in outer space! how'd ya do that?? :)

  2. SHUT UP!!! I LOVE THESE!!!! Give me the details chica. I MUST know. :)))


  3. Those are amazing! Meet a fellow Trekkie...I was delighted to hear the familiar "These are the voyages of...." Gotta love it. :) I have thought before, what a pity I can't zoom around the galaxy and take pictures of interesting creatures and places (such as planet Vulcan and its inhabitants). :)

    Anyway, those are fantastic photos! Great job! And honestly...I thought you'd sent your camera up on the recent Apollo launch! :D Good job.

  4. UGH. Really??? lol! I knew what they were the second I decided to glance at your page to see what was going on!!

    And you know, I've still only seen just a very few floating in the breeze... so I still haven't gotten my shots yet!! I did find all sorts of them scattered on the forest floor today when Storm and I were exploring, but still haven't found the stinking tree!! Hope they still are falling heavily when I finally figure out a good spot to shoot them at.... like, somewhat close to the tree!?


    These are *beautiful* Love love love!!!

    You rock!

  5. This is so impressive!!!!! It really looks like you have gone in space with these shots. WOW!!! I remember your picture from last year without even having to go to the page. You are such an awesome photographer! I do need to learn to do those bursts. Do you have a tutorial site you use????

  6. these are cool I should do these to my sunset shots.

  7. Love it! You are so creative ok what's the secret! Did you use a camera filter?

  8. I love these!!!! Gorgeous!

  9. That is just too cool. It does look like going to space. Amazing.
    Question: lenses which one?

  10. Valeria - I used my Sigma 70-300 lens for these shots.


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