Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fluffy Towels & Pretty Irises


This is my grandparents' bathroom. It's painted a vintage carnation pink and my grandma even has mint green towels to complete the retro feel! I personally enjoy retro spaces, but what makes this even better for me is that my great grandma - this particular grandma's mom - also had a vintage carnation pink bathroom. It brings back such sweet and loving memories and I can only hope and pray when my own children are grown, they will have similarly fond memories of their great grandma.

I'm also linking this shot to Texture Thursday because of those towels...boy, were they super soft!!

Photobucket The Daily Wyatt

And below is my entry for Pixel Perfect's Before & After:



irises-by-pond-sooc irises-by-pond

Step 1: Run PW's Boost action, merge visible
Step 2: Run PW's Heartland action, reduce opacity to 75%
Step 3: Increase saturation to +66, merge all and save


  1. I really like the first photo. Love that there are kids in a bathtub blurred in the background. Such a pretty picture!

  2. Love the towels! It is a very creative shot.

    Wonderful as always, Katie!

  3. Those towels look especially interesting for some reason. I like them!

  4. I love that first shot. It is really fabulous. :)

    Marla @

  5. Both captures are stunning. I love your edit of the Iris. It is one of my favorite flowers, it reminds me of motherhood.

  6. It was a great pic to begin with, but I love the softness and coloring of your edit!

  7. beautiful! I really LOVE the edit you did on the irises!

  8. Love the first shot, I was trying to think of how to take a bathroom did it!!

  9. Beautiful photos! Love your edit!

  10. the heartland texture makes the flower picture look so dreamy!

  11. I love the before and after. It's such a clean and bright shot!

  12. Great shots! Love the before of the flowers.

  13. my husband's grandparent's have a retro bathroom much like the one you described. I really like it, simply from the memories we have had at their house!!

    Your before and after iris's are awesome! I'm going to try to make a mental note to try that combination of actions :)

  14. I love your flower edit, it is so beautiful.I'm not a retro fan:)


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