Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Of Chandeliers and Farmhouse Windows

Over the last several weeks I've slowly been sharing bits and pieces of my grandparents' home.
We moved a fair amount when I was young...always within the same school district, but moves nonetheless. And the one and only home that has remained completely consistent throughout my entire life is that of my grandparents. It feels like home to me. (does anyone else have that song stuck in their head now, too?!) I can say that about no other place from my childhood and for these reasons my memories and love of this place are rooted deep.


This chandelier is a dear friend of mine...I polished and cleaned this sucker more times than I can remember! My grandma loathed the task and paid me fifty cents to clean it for her...I'm quite certain she would have paid more.


This is the window at the top of their awkwardly steep staircase. To me, it's just a window. And one I'd never paid any notice to until our last visit. But I do think it has a lot of farmhouse charm and for that reason alone it deserves a spot on the blog!

the long road


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  1. That chandelier is beautiful!! And of course, lovely photography as always! :)

  2. Beautiful shot KAtie! I grew up in a farm house with incredibly steep stairs, My parents are still there.. and it is always charming!

  3. Charm is exactly the word - both of these shots are oozing with charm! Love it.

  4. I love that window shot - the simplicity leaves you wanting so much more, knowing a story is there and if you can just sit and look at the photo long enough maybe the tale will get whispered to you...

  5. so pretty, I think the BW is perfect for your shots!

  6. Oh- I have quite a love for them both. Something about those things just calls to me.

  7. Gorgeous! I love your new header!

  8. Great chandelier, but I'm with your Grandma, hate cleaning mine. Hmm, maybe I can pay my niece to do it. Thanks for the idea.

  9. Love the chandelier shot but I wouldn't want to clean it myself :)

  10. Lovely captures! The chandelier is just beautiful and I'm sure a wonderful memory for you. I have many of my grandmother's things in my house now and the memories of them in her own home just fill me with joy.

  11. That chandelier is gorgeous. It wouldn't survive at my house. How awesome that it is part of all of your memories there. The it! I'm a fan of old windows though.


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