Friday, June 10, 2011

Pool Time

Recently we had our roof replaced, thanks to a crazy hail storm a couple months ago. And at some point during the roofing process our glass patio table top was shattered. The company definitely made things right (seems like we're on a roll with excellent customer service lately!) but for the time being we have no furniture for our deck.

And the kids are lovin' it!
Because it means that we now have room for our small blow-up pool! I don't think there could be a better spot for it - our deck gets the morning sunlight and then is shaded in the hot afternoons. Plus, we have hangers for plants attached to our house, which serve as perfect spots to hang the swim suits out to dry! ;)




And since we normally do not go swimming, we really don't have any pool toys to speak of, so the kids improvise. An air pump, for example, can easily be turned into a water gun!


...of course, plain ol' splashing is always a fine choice.



This last shot is my choice for Foto Friday's action theme!


  1. Oh, I love water shots! Those are so fun. Makes me want to go play in our kiddie pool today :)

  2. I love the perspective on these shots - I feel like I'm there.

  3. Great shots! A baby pool is a must in our household. My boys play in it nonstop. Looks like your kiddos had lots of fun!

  4. What a great collection! Feels like summer for sure! :)

  5. such great shots! yay for summer! :)

  6. Adorable summer pictures! I love the processing on each one, too.

  7. These are such fun summery photos! It looks like this is a great spot for taking pics too!

  8. Way to get in on the "action!" Great shots - like the perspective/cropping.

  9. These are really great shots. I agree with the other comments, great perspective. I do feel right there with them.
    Thanks for joining in.

  10. I love the feeling of your compositions. Amazing


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