Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Country Living

I have so many things to share with y'all!!!

* First, be sure you visit Mountain Mama to enter her giveaway for any 8x10 print from my Etsy shop!

* Second, if you have any desire to get to know me a little better go to Yours Truly to read the interview I had with Jess!

* Third, if you haven't yet participated in the June Quarterly Top 5 link-up you have only one day left to do so...and then you'll have a chance of winning an 11x14 print from my shop or one of two other fab prizes!

* Fourth, did you notice my new watermark?! It took me a while to get around to it, but I'm pretty happy with the look.

*And fifth, if you participate in Sweet Shot Tuesday and read what Darcy writes did you notice anything really super cool last week? Like, I totally won the awesome shop credit to Paint the Moon?!?!?! I'm still a bit giddy. I got the Moxie Set and you can rest assured that you will get to see all 26 gorgeous actions in...well, action.

Oh, and I have to tell you this funny story...so, while I was looking through the before/after gallery trying to pick out which set I'd get, my husband came over, looked over my shoulder and asked why I'd want to win pictures of other people...oh yes, he was serious. Anything photography related is completely lost on him...I'm sure he feels the same way about me and sports.

...there's also one more totally exciting thing going on, but I'll wait to share that info until it's done...


We spent the holiday weekend with my husband's family. His parents live in a small town and his brother and family live on the farm. We spent a good part of Saturday at the farm: harvesting several acres of wheat that Grandpa set aside especially for the kids (shots to come), swimming, cooking out, shooting off some fireworks and once the kids had gone home with grandma and grandpa, my husband, BIL, SIL and I played Rock Band! Talk about unexpected fun...we had a blast! It's weekends like this that make me wish we still lived close to them. God certainly blessed me with amazing in-laws and I am so grateful for that...I know too many people who can not boast this same thing.


This is about the extent of the fireworks shots that I got. We didn't watch any 'real' fireworks shows....next year, by golly, I am going to a big show...by myself or not! 
We did watch the huge and amazing fireworks spectacular that was aired from NYC. Talk about breath taking! While we were watching, my son told me that I should go get my camera. LOL!
(for the record, I almost did.)

Photobucket Sweet Shot Day

And here's one for Touch Up Tuesday.
I love country views and old red barns!



My edit reminds me a bit of The Wizard of Oz...but, I am in Kansas after all!

barn-sooc Barn-with-rainbow

Step 1. Splice in a blue sky photo - the original sky wasn't doing it for me.
Step 2. Run Paint the Moon's Tilt action.
Step 3. Run Paint the Moon's Heart and Soul action.
Step 4. Add a rainbow using this tutorial.
Step 5. Straighten image.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama


  1. love the sparklers photo and wow, what an amazing edit on the farm house! Love the rainbow add!

  2. Don't feel bad - I only have sparkler photos too. Our show got rained out. Love that barn touch up! Wow!

  3. I like the water mark and your photos are great!! The barn edit is awesome!

  4. Beautiful shots!!! Love the added rainbow!

  5. What an awesome shot, and congrats on the win!

    How exciting....

  6. Love the first shot. Thanks for linking up!

  7. Nice sparkler shot! And I love the edited barn with the rainbow :)

  8. Love this a LOT! The rainbow and vintage feel are gorgeous! Nice job!

  9. Such a pretty sparkler shot!

    Erika B

  10. I love the rainbow...
    Enjoy your day Katie !


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. that barn shot is fantastic! it looks kind of like a pretend scene... wish i could explore and play there myself!

  13. Sweet edit!! And congrats on winning the shop credit. The more I play around with the free actions I have the more I would love to have a few of Paint the Moon's or MCP's actions. Oh well, I can keep dreaming.

    Thanks for giving away a print for us.

  14. Great edit. Wonderful job. I love your new watermark. That first photo is sweet.

  15. First...no teasers allowed. You shouldn't have left us hanging like that! Second...LOVE your rainbow edit. Gorgeous!!! Third...is that excitement or fear on little Rowan's face?? Victoria hates sparklers!

  16. I adore your edit! Light, bright, a bit of whimsy!

  17. Wow! Lots of things going on! I missed out on some of your give-a-ways... must try to keep track of things better someday. lol!

    Very nice new watermark!

    hehe. You and your hubby are funny.

    ugh. don't be a tease! lol!

    Holiday weekends are definitely a family affair! I'm so glad you spent more time with them than worrying about pics... (and I totally felt the same, can't wait to move back home someday!)

    Good luck next year getting to a big display! (and don't try to photograph what you see on tv - or smart phones for that matter - you get these nasty digital lines showing up... lol!)

  18. Oh, love your "Kansas edit". The skies are definitely blue, how beautiful!


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