Monday, July 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt - Thanks

A super big thanks to Ashley for using not one, but all of my suggestions for Scavenger Hunt Sunday last week!!! That girl has been pimping my blog and Etsy shop with links all over the place!

A big, big thanks for that're a doll! :)
...she's so cute and pretty that she really could have her own doll...just maybe not this face. ;)

1. Pop of Color
In this shot Grandpa was teaching the kids the fine art of playing with fireworks! ;) 

2. Crossing Thresholds
Taking this shot totally creeped me out!!!
I kept having that "Watcher in the Woods" meets "Black Swan" the back of one of my heads would turn around and stare at me.
(enter shuttering noise here)

The alternative shot to this was of our bedroom door at night, which looked like something out of "Ghostbusters".
Our house is not normally this creepy. I promise.


3. X-Ray
This is actually a photo I took a little while back, but I gave it a new look, which I LOVE.

4. Toy
I was having a hard time narrowing down which toy to take a picture of for this prompt.
But my husband came to the rescue when he brought home all of his little toy soldiers.
My son and I set them up - and this shot was one to mainly get my focus, but I loved it even though my focus isn't spot on....when is it ever, eh?!

This shot really struck a chord with me and I thought it a fitting one for the 4th of July.
I often feel that this is how I - and many other Americans without a direct tie to the armed services - see our faceless pawns with whom our government plays soldier. But there are faces: some are very worn and empty from trauma, too many are cold from death, and others are scarred from battles.
The cost of our freedom is amazingly high and I thank all the brave men and women who pay that price for us!

5. Hidden
Do you see him??


  1. 1 - you completely crack me up. The bit about the doll is a riot. Secondly, I love this entire set. You completely nailed the prompts...and they were such awesome prompts.

  2. You did awesome with this! I LOVE the pop of color. And remind me that IF I ever come your way to forget everything creepy you just said. I may not be able to go to your house if not. HA!!! Perfect job on the soldiers. I love it!

  3. These are so lovely! I love the cone flower and the soldiers best but what great finds!

  4. Fantastic pictures! Very beautiful!

  5. I really admire the tones and colors in the first photo. Fantastic job, miss Katie! :)

  6. Gorgeous photos. I love the last two, but they are all great.

  7. Wow, you got some great shots for this! Love the solider one... so true.

  8. I love (!!) Your toy shot. So cute. :)

  9. These are all awesome! A really fabulous set!

  10. haha love yr toy pic :) and so appropriate too for this weekend..

  11. the x-ray shot and toy soldier are awesome and I can't believe the frog. so perfect!


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