Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

So many photos, so few memes.
{...wait...that's not right.}

But I do have a handful of extra shots from last week that never made it into the rotation.
Most are from Thursday's trip to the farmstead.


This little guy was sooooo cute!!!
{if someone had told me I could take them all home, I'd have done so in a heartbeat!}

Lantern if by land, two if by sea...
This was one of several lanterns in the dairy barn.
and I liked it, so I took a picture.


They also have these gorgeously green well-style hand pumps with cobalt blue basins beneath as their wash station near the goats.
{beauty is in the details...except you can't really see them here.}


and who could ignore the giant red barn?!
{well, no one, because that's where you enter. ;)}
Check out that weather vane, too!


And this one....there's a story here...

My husband and I had gone out to stake up our tomato plants in our backyard one evening when we caught two bunnies nibbling away at the new growth.
{stinkin' bunnies}
But instead of running away as fast as they could, they ran a little bit and stopped.
So I ran to get my camera!
When I came back I apparently made "ridiculous clopping noises" with my flip flops {so says my husband} and scared them away. They ran under our wooden gate and I had to go see if they stopped again.
Which they did! One was about 6 feet from me, so I carefully crouched to the ground to get some shots.
I managed to take a few super blurry ones and then the bunny started hopping toward me!
Closer and closer...
{why oh why did I grab my 70-300 when the 50 is what I needed?!?}
And then as if that wasn't crazy enough, this gutsy bunny starts running at me!

What do I do?
I flinch.
A bunny made me flinch.
And he ran away for real this time.

Not long after all this, his buddy figured out that his friend was gone and came out for the shot above.

PS - If you have an interest in handmade items, then Celeste at French Onion Finds has you covered! At her brand spankin' new blog she showcases beautiful items from Etsy. And it just so happens that her first post includes one of my photographs. ;)


  1. Gorgeous shots. I love the barn. The story about the bunny is funny. Is your husband going to tease you about a bunny making you flinch? Mine would. Lol. Great capture of the bunny, too. The story makes it that much better.

  2. Gorgeous photos. I love that bunny.

  3. I love the barn... and funny about the bunny. Reminds me of the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

  4. ((sigh))) you know how I love that farmstead.. wonderful... and then off to culvers for a lemonade ice on on the way home

  5. You crack me up - I'm likely going to jump on a plane or in my car and come to see you. I especially love that water faucet shot! You're so creative.

  6. The Willy Wonka reference made me laugh. Miscellaneous Monday is a perfect idea. I so often have photos just waiting for a home, but no cohesive thoughts for pulling them together into a respectable post. Your pump shot is fantastic. And the barn with weather vane.

  7. Love the water faucet shot and hilarious story on the bunny... I would have freaked out!

  8. Hahahaha...Katie, this was so much fun to read. I should tell you about my little mouse story when I was pregnant, but I won't, I'll leave it in your imagination for a moment.

    Great photos, as always!!

  9. Those are FANTASTIC- Totally LOVING on the lantern. We have several of those around here & they are some of my most favorite things in the house.

  10. What a wonderful post - gorgeous photos and I loved your story about the bunny so much! :-)

  11. What beautiful photos. Love the faucet shot! And what a funny bunny story! Glad you were able to capture them.

  12. That's too funny ... the bunny made you flinch. We have a visiting young bunny this season ... he comes up on the patio and eats my hisbiscus plant ... leaves our other plants alone .. than goodness. He seems to also love the clover in our yard! Great photos!

  13. I love your photos and your stories are wonderfully entertaining! love the bunny!

  14. Really beautiful photos! The sink, the barn, lovely!

  15. LOL! Your bunny rabbit story is just too funny!!! These are so pretty. I absolutely love the barn and lantern pictures.

  16. Beautiful photos. I was especially drawn to the hand pump. The bokeh and colors are amazing in that one. Your bunny story made me lol. :)


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