Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scripture & a Snapshot {Week 43}


luke 12-25 26

luke 12-31

This little babe caused me a lot of worry over the past few days.
Her big toe somehow got a pretty icky infection which caused it to swell up about double it's size and give her a 102+ temperature.

All the while, I kept being brought back to this verse and reminded that my worrying will not do anyone any good. And it certainly would not make Rowan's toe better. It would not enhance my life or the lives around me, and so I put my trust in God.

Once I did that, He led me to an amazing after-hours pediatricians office that's not only amazingly friendly, but dare I say loving! {and they're open until 10pm on weekdays, which is awesome.}

We saw a wonderful doctor who knew what this was immediately.
She said it's a common thing and can be triggered by hang nails.
{Whodda thunk it?}
So for the next 9 days Rowan will be on some disgusting smelling {and looking} antibiotic, warm foot baths {which does not sound bad at all!} and Tylenol. 

And I am praising GOD for giving us just what we needed!

...and for those of you who also now have this song stuck in your head, here it is!
There's an image of Jesus hugging someone as they enter heaven towards the end that I think is really powerful.
Just think, that could be you one long as you choose it.


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  1. I often have to remind myself of this verse too...worrying never helped anyone and I find myself more frequently on my knees praying that God takes control. Just praying will remove that worry. So glad it's a simple fix.

  2. Awe...poor little sweetheart. She's precious, Katie. I think we, as women, often worry with a first reaction...but soon enough, the Spirit within us reminds us where to focus our energy of mind and heart.

    Glad she's well on the way to healing!

  3. Happy to hear you found a good doctor and that she is feeling better!

  4. i love this verse and praying for Rowan's toe and her sweet spirit.. and you to Katie!..

  5. Love that verse! We tend to worry but there's really little nothing we can do without God's strength. I'm glad Rowan is getting better. :)

  6. What a great verse! And you are right, I am now humming that song! Thanks for hosting this linky party, it is one I look forward to every week. God bless!

  7. Oh that photo is sooo precious! I hope she is well soon! Our children are so good at making us worry. . .it's good. . . we need the practice at NOT worrying and just laying our cares on HIM. ((hugs))

  8. Awww, I love it. Great verse and adorable photo. Praying Rowan feels all better soon!

  9. beautiful post! thank you for such encouraging words. :)

  10. I've been following for awhile, but haven't commented before..... sorry.

    Anyway, this verse was perfect for me today. Dealing with some transitions in life.....and the fretting sometimes consumes me. But God is good and His grace is enough.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  11. I'm glad Rowan is better now! Praise the Lord for doctors and medicine. Indeed, what a lovely picture of a beautiful girl with a perfectly chosen Word.

  12. Love this post! I'm glad that her toe is going to be okay.

  13. I'm so glad Rowan is feeling better... scary stuff! God is good, God is faithful, eve when it comes to hang nails! Bless you, Katie!

  14. What a beautiful photograph Katie!

  15. Katie, so comforting to know that HE has all things in HIS hands. From toes, drs to the largest of things. I hope her toe heals quickly. Love the pic Katie & verse. I'm joining you today - and we close in sharing the same verse this week. :)

  16. Oh I have SO been caught up in worry lately. My appetite is off and I cannot sleep. I am praying for rest in the Lord's timing and wisdom daily. A beautiful post and a beautiful picture!

  17. Seriously?! A hangnail? Wow! Glad she is doing better now that she is on medicine. What a beautiful picture of her. She looks so innocent and serious. :) Hip hip hooray on finding a great doctor too!

  18. That is such a sweet photo! You are very good. I love the verses too. He is all we need.


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