Wednesday, August 17, 2011

31 Days & The Midway

At the beginning of the month I read about the 31 Days series being open to all bloggers wishing to participate.
And I think my hand involuntarily shot up in the air.
So, I went with it.

Come October you can visit here every day for....

31 Days

If you have any questions or subtopics you want covered, now is the time to put in your request!


And now the midway...
Carnivals and fairs are so colorful!
Here are a few more shots with even more to come in the days ahead.


You would not believe how long I sat and watched this sky lift, waiting for an empty pink seat.
Rowan was taking a nap and we were in the shade with a nice breeze, so it was a pleasant wait!


This is the entrance to the midway with all the extremely expensive rides and games.


And no fair is complete without deep fried food!
{I was having a hard time seeing hoards of people shoving calorie-laden foods into their gullets as pretty, so when in doubt...{all together now!}...blur it out!}

Paper Heart Photo


  1. Beautiful shots - the empty pink seat was worth the wait! All of them make me want to go to a festival/fair.

  2. Great shots...curious about the 31 days thing, I'll have to watch for it!

  3. Love the red in the car shots!! and I laughed out loud on your comment about folks filling themselves with fatty foods...

  4. Love that last shot...I can't wait to go to the fair to get lots of blurry images. Love it. And so excited about your upcoming series. That'll be great!

  5. woo hoo I can't wait till October then! Love those shots - love the tones you've edited them in too.

  6. we are on the same wavelength with the 31 days! gonna mention mine sometime soon . . . excited! and these pics are just fabulous. who knew just adding some blur works such wonders?!? love these.

  7. All those shots are perfect and love the blur it out phrase!

  8. Oh how I love photographing fairs! great job!

  9. Love how you embrace the blur. Will have to try it sometime.

  10. Wonderful photos Katie! I love the tones!

  11. wow.
    i love these.
    you're so talented.


  12. Awesome. I love these. You always amaze me.

  13. I love these, the processing is fantastic! Gorgeous!

  14. This 31 day thing sounds neat! I hope you have lots of tips for me. I sure could use them. I'm just in a funk right now. :) Still waiting for spring to get here.

  15. I just LOVE that last shot. How creative! And the post processing is spot-on.

  16. I love these shots! We just visited our local State Fair and I spent WAY too much time in the midway with my tripod. Now the editing begins! It was a fun day with fair photos!

  17. That first shot? Worth the wait! It is PERFECT! And I kinda sorta want it on my wall because it makes me smile every time :)


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