Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm guest posting at Amber's Articles today!
She asked if I'd share my faith journey and of course I said yes.
So grab yourself a cup of coffee then head over there asap.

...Now on to our regularly scheduled programming...


I originally had only planned to go to the Iowa State Fair on one day during our visit, but since we really had nothing else to do on Friday we went a second time with my mom and stepdad.

Much to my surprise there was a small classic car show along the Grand Concourse.
I love classic cars. I know absolutely nothing about them, but they're shiny and pretty and that's enough for me!
Thankfully my mom was more than willing to take the kids while I took photos.
{Grandmas are the best, aren't they!? And our kids have three spectacular ones!}


I have no idea what kind of cars these are, but they are beautiful!


So shiny...


so sleek...


with loads of get up and go under the hood!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. I just read your post at Amber's Articles.. thank you so much for sharing your testimony. Its amazing what God can do in our lives, if we only trust in him. You are an amazing woman of God!

  2. I am totally with you. I don't a thing about them, but they sure make for some good photos.

    I love your post-processing too!

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous! Great editing!

  4. This cracked me up. Don't know anything about cars (neither do I), but love them for a good picture. Nicely done... :)

  5. The colours and processing in these photos is gorgeous!

  6. Well didn't you just have a way with those classic cars...beautiful. I'll check out your guest post in a bit.

  7. I love old cars too! My dad would sit here and tell us "That's a 1959.." blah, blah, blah, but I have no idea. Just that they are cool!

  8. I love all the beautiful colors in these photos.

  9. Oh my goodness! I love those pictures.

    <3 Josephine Jane

  10. LOVELY!!!!

    I have a couple classic car pictures that I took over the weekend that I'm still editing. I LOOOOVe classic cars!


  11. We love shiny pretty things! LOL. State fairs are so much fun!

  12. Oh those are just soooooooo retro Katie. I'm away to read over at Amber's site now - I'm in the middle of writing my guest post for her.

  13. LOVE the great tones in those shots!

  14. I love the old cars! These are great shots!

  15. I love all these shots. Just perfect.

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  16. Nice photos! I love classic cars too! This post is vey similar to the one I did a few posts ago! Small world.

  17. Couldn't tell you what they were either...other that beautiful! They sure don't make them the same anymore, do they?

  18. Nice cars! I like your shots and the post processing.

  19. Katie these are just awesome. I need to find a car show.

  20. LOVE the old cars! They are fabulous. I'm heading over to read your post now. Can't wait!

  21. What a testimony you have!!! Wow!!! I'm so saddened at how many people have learned to view "christianity" as a bad thing because of how they were raised with it. How sad! PRAISE GOD he allowed you to see the truth and now you can raise your family in such a different manner. They will see the "real" Christ in you. It is amazing how He brought you and Seth together and have made y'all such a strong couple for Him and His Glory. Praise be to God!!!!

  22. I adore these shots! Please tell me they will appear in your shop! :)


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