Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flowers & Shells


I have no clue what this plant is.
Thanks to some smart ladies out there this has been identified as a portulaca, or moss rose.
It has not grown since we've lived here {until now that is} and I certainly did not plant it.
But it is popping up here and there throughout our little flower bed.
{I use the term 'flower bed''s mostly dirt and mulch}
And I couldn't be happier! I love when nature plants pretty flowers for me...and ones that multiply at that!

 Paper Heart Photo


We did plant this. It's a bloom on our bell pepper plant.
I imagine we'll get to eat this baby in...oh, October.

the long road


I've been wanting to do a minimalist-style sea shell shot {say that three times fast} but nothing I do is working how I want.
So these shells and sand have been sitting on our kitchen counter for about 2 weeks.
...within easy reach of Rowan.
She's been playing with the sand and shells on and off and yesterday I noticed this pretty little beach scene she threw together!

Photobucket and then, she {snapped} The Daily Wyatt


  1. I am with you. Our flower bed is a very loose term, but we have the occasional wild flower that pops up. It is such a nice surprise

  2. It looks like some kind of rose...pretty photo! how do you do this effect in the background? very interesting and beautiful...

    From Light Trigger

  3. I dont know anything about flowers, so I am of no help there. But the photo is beautiful. I love three shells, too.

  4. These are beautiful - love the first shot...and no I don't know what it is either.

  5. These are lovely photos. I am very partial to sea shells so that one is my favourite :)

  6. beautiful captures! i love when plants pop up and are just beautiful! :)

  7. Lovely flowers! Don't you love it when you get an unexpected surprise like a pretty little flower in your flower bed?

  8. Love your first shot - brought back memories!
    It is "portulaca" and can live almost anywhere which is probably why my mom was fond of them - she couldn't kill it!
    Read about it Here.

  9. Beautiful series of shots! I love your little rose-coloured flower!

  10. My grandma calls them moss roses, but yes, portulaca. Cool that it came up there. Maybe some seeds blew over from a neighbor. I think it's too cold for them to come back here, but I bought some last year and enjoyed them so much that I planted more this year. All different colors.

  11. You always have such fantastic and unique editing. :) I love it.

  12. I am such a sucker for the seashells. Beautiful.

  13. love the seashell shot..makes me want to go back to the beach

  14. All good ... but the seashells draw me home!

  15. Love all of these shots! The seashell shot is very dreamy, I love it!

  16. The sea shells are oh-so-pretty! I love your style :)


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