Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy Bees

Y'all, this week is insanely busy...and wonderful!!!
I know I've been a bad blogger and haven't commented on a single blog this week...ok, maybe three?
Right now I feel like the parents in that Toyota commercial:

I am loving it!!
Seth and I recently joined a small group at church and we...or at least perfectly with the awesome, awesome group of people! I can't express to you how excited I am to get to know these other couples!

I also joined Building Better Moms at our church and again, I'm with a fabulous group of girls!
We had our first meeting a couple days ago and I signed up for everything there was to sign up for...which includes a mom and tot playdate, making cheesecake for a teacher appreciation event our group hosts at one of the inner city schools, and then the best of all - I'm going with a group to that same school where we will throw a Fall party for the kids! All of this is in less than a month and I am gonna burst with excitement!


And as you may already know, I have a giveaway running each day this week in celebration of this blog turning one year old! If you haven't entered any or all yet, go do it! There are some seriously wonderful things to win!!

And tomorrow I'm giving away a 2012 desk calendar!

But you don't come here to listen to me ramble or watch funny commercials....or do you?!

So here are the last few stragglers of my flower shots from over a week ago!!

This shot is best viewed small....because it was a handheld macro shot and I am {nearly} incapable of taking crisply focused shots this way! Next time I go to the arboretum I'll have to take my tripod.


Here's another one of those pretty, wispy flowers. This time with a bee.


And I must say, I'm pretty happy with this one.
It's also a handheld macro shot with manual focus!

That's it for now...
I have shots of Rowan to edit - she was part of my practice run for an upcoming session.
And I also have some fun sunflower shots to share that are from our church's parking lot/grasslands area. well as some praying mantis shots {you already know the story if you are a fan on Facebook}, a few bug shots and some photos of the cute tea cup and saucer I found at a garage sale last week.


  1. Awesome shots and I LOVE those commercials!

    So glad you found two great groups to be involved in. I'm having such trouble in that area!

  2. the last shot is fabulous, but i super love the bee in flight. wow!

  3. those last 2 shots!! ARE AMAZING! I am in love with the second to last shot!

  4. Wonderful photography! The last one is amazing - should be framed or at least made into cards!

  5. That last one is awesome! Love it!


  6. Beautiful shots. That last one is great.

  7. Wow...the last shot is amazing!

  8. Great shots! I really like the one of the bee on the white flower... gorgeous!

    How awesome to find some great people and great activities at your church. I need that where I live... there is no one our age at our church.

  9. your shots are just so amazing to me! i love looking at them! and the bees?! WOW!! so wonderful!!

  10. Sigh. Whether viewed small or large, these are awesome shots! I can't get over the detail in the bee in that last one! Craziness!! :)

    And I hear you on feeling crazy busy lately, I'm sinking in that same boat with you!! Hopefully we'll get bailed out soon, but some of your business seems to be of your own doing! ha! (eek to your schedule!!)


  11. Love those calendars! Great macro shot as well, wow. . .what detail!

    I love Cottonseed Storm! You are very talented!


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