Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Quite literally!
The sun is shining, the temperature is in the upper 60's with a slight cool breeze...I'm so in heaven! And as if this gorgeous weather wasn't great enough, yesterday was Rowan's first day of school...ever. { melt downs, but she's not keen on going again.} And that means I get 6 hours per week to myself, which might sound selfish, but I get soooo much more accomplished when the kids aren't around!! 
{can I get an amen!}

During my first morning of blissful freedom, I went to the arboretum for 2 hours!
 And I got some fantastically soft floral shots.




I have no clue what kind of flowers these are, so if you know please share.

And don't forget about the upcoming blogoversary celebration starting Monday!


  1. wow!! these are just stunning and absolutely beautiful!! i love these and the!!

  2. Stunning. Oh what I would do myself if I was kid free. This year ALL of mine would be in school all day. But I do love to homeschool {most days}

  3. So soft, dreamy and ethereal! gorgeous!

  4. I love these shots ... so beautiful and delicate!

  5. Beautiful shots!


  6. Oh, They just look so beautiful!So soft & dreamlike!Have a wonderful day=)

  7. Really beautiful work. Especially the 2nd shot. The bokeh is incredible.

  8. just lovely, all of them. and I have no clue what they are. :)

  9. What amazing work you do! I love looking through all your pictures! I can't wait to start taking some more pics myself and start linking up with your Scripture and and Snapshot! Thanks for sharing these!

  10. ha! AMEN!! :)

    Great use of your time! Relaxing and taking care of YOURSELF! :) Good, mama!! <3

    Anyways, I'm LOVIN these! Wow, the dof is divine and the lighting is perfect!!


  11. oh these are so light and airy. Glad you spent time there.

  12. Beautiful shots. And you can get a BIG AMEN. I still have the baby, but she naps while Charley goes to afternoon Pre-K and Cole is at school all day. I have some me time. Can't leave the house, but I will take it. ;)
    I look forward to seeing more shots from the arboretum.

  13. I don't know what they are, but they're lovely. Love the light.

  14. Wowie on that second one! I love it! The last one has such a beautiful glow about it. Gorgeous!

  15. How gorgeous!!! If this is a peek at what is to come now that the kids are in school... you are setting your own bar very high!! LOL!!

  16. Funny no one answered your question--they are cleome. My garden is full of them. They are late bloomers, and they self-seed, so you plant them once and you'll have them forever. But they will take over your garden fast if you let them. I love them. They grow around my irises, and don't really shoot up until after the irises are done.

    Love your photos of them--I haven't done any that close up. I will have to try that before they freeze.

    ENJOY those hours of freedom. They are such a well-earned blessing!


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