Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Forgot to Add a Title

Is it just me or did that holiday weekend here in the States go by super fast?! Did y'all have an awesome weekend?
We had a lot of people stop by to visit and hosted a fantasy football draft.
The kids loved every minute of it!

This week Rowan starts school!!!
...actually, today she starts school!!!!
{can you tell I'm mildly excited?}

I've got my camera battery charging and plan to head out to the arboretum immediately after dropping the kids off at school. I haven't been there for a very long time...this summer was brutally hot, as many of you know all too well. But this week, at least in the midwest, we've been blessed with Autumn style weather!
Whoop! I busted out my long sleeve tees and jeans, but it's still warm enough {as in there's no snow on the ground} to kick it with my flip flops.

Here are a few straggling shots from our trip to Vegas...


This escalator almost got me arrested.

I walked up to it to get a few shots and when I stepped closer to readjust my composition within the frame, an alarm went off! It took me a few extra seconds to figure out that I had triggered the alarm.
Apparently, this is a very special escalator.
And apparently, I was standing right next to a sign that read:

"Do not enter. Alarm will sound and police will be summoned."

After I read that, and given the level of ridiculousness that the TSA has reached recently, I was halfway waiting to be tackled. Thankfully that didn't happen!
I'm guessing the guy in the security room saw that I wasn't a real threat.
{or maybe the sign was bluffing}


This was an awesome thunderstorm, complete with rain and lightening, that we saw from the plane window.
The lightening looked so small! It was really cool to see.

Before I go I want to tell you about next week!
In celebration of my one year blogoversary I'm hosting a week of giveaways!!!
It starts next Monday and you'll definitely want to stop back each day!


  1. Love the escalator story! My sister had a run in with security and an escalator too! She was probably 5 years old, and she sat down on the escalator for some reason. When she got to the top, the bottom of her shirt got caught in the area where the steps go "underground". The mall security had to come to stop the escalator and extract her shirt from it. We rarely see escalators in our rural area, but any time we do, we remind her of that incident! :)

  2. Melissa's story is funny and horrible all at once!

    Sorry about your run in. I wonder why it was like that.

  3. what fun and awesome shots! too funny about the escalator!! and yay for cooler weather! i am loving it!! ;)

  4. I often wonder how strange I must look taking random photos........I am sure you have felt the same.

    Looking forward to the give away week.

  5. hahaha what a great escalator story! There are a lot of rules for photographers these days. So glad you got out without the cuffs! Great photos. The storm is amazing. I still feel a little silly that I didn't get any shots of the hurricane. Good job.

  6. Breathtaking sky picture!


  7. Oh my goodness, so funny about the escalator. Great photos. Love that cloud shot.

  8. wonderful shots. Great story glad nothing came of it. Cool weather makes me want chicken noodle soup. Enjoy this cool change.

  9. Great escalator story and your cloud capture is awesome!

    Squueeeeee! Love giveaways, I'll be back :-)

  10. hehehe! That sounds like something I'd totally do! Except I'd probably get hauled off for questioning... ugh! lol!

    Beautiful clouds! Now I kinda want to go on a flight, just to take pics of the clouds... thinking that's an expensive photo shoot! ha!



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