Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Nature Channel: LIVE & Giveaway Number 3 Winner #

The winner of a lovely fine art print by Ana at Wonderland is...

Commenter number six!


Kati said...
My favorite would have to be the clock.

Congrats to Kati!
And don't forget about these two giveaways still going on:


We have a butterfly bush in our backyard and one day last week I noticed several monarchs out there, so I grabbed my camera and Rowan and I headed out. After a while of photographing the various butterflies, I started looking around to see if I could spot any cocoons.
And the following is what I came upon instead...

Did you know that praying mantises can be raised as pets?
Did you know they help control unwanted pests in the garden?
Did you know they eat butterflies?

{WARNING: The following sequence of photographs are rated PG-13 for violence.}

praying-mantis-1 praying-mantis-2

praying-mantis-3 praying-mantis-4

When I was watching this through my lens, I was both amazed and disgusted.
Did you catch what happened in the last shot?
{it ripped the butterfly's head right off and then spit it out!}
I had no idea a praying mantis would eat butterflies, let alone bust out a "Finish Him" move a la Mortal Kombat.

But I suppose this is survival of the fittest in action.
Check out the first photo...this butterfly should have seen it coming!


  1. That's repulsive! I know the mantis has to eat too, but that poor butterfly! At least it was a quick death, not like other insects that eat their prey while still alive.

  2. Ha! I love your picture rating warning. Too funny!! Poor, poor butterfly. You got lucky catching all that in action. :)

  3. That is way to disgusting! Praying mantises creep me out anyway since they follow your every move.

    Thank you for hosting these giveaways. There has been some really cool stuff.

  4. wow! that is so awesome that you captured that!! I mean its a little disgusting but still really really cool!!

  5. WOW - I think you should do a PG rating on all your shots. That would trip me out.

  6. AAGH! That is so creepy! But it's amazing that you got the pictures!

  7. That is so cool. What great shots. There is something about a praying mantis that creeps me out just a bit!

  8. can't believe I missed this!

    You crack me up: {WARNING: The following sequence of photographs are rated PG-13 for violence.} LOL!!! I think I got weird looks from the others in the room!

    Ah, the circle of life! Now, I want to watch Lion King.

    Great captures, even if it's um... deadly.




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