Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunflowers & Giveaway Number Two Winner #

It's time to announce the winner of giveaway number two: any piece of jewelry from SpritelyWear!

And the winner is....
Commenter number 96!
giveaway 2 winner

avalonne83 said...

"Great giveaway! I'd love to be entered.
My favourite item is the Black Wire Wrapped & Iridescent Bead Necklace"


And don't forget about these giveaways still going on:


Our church has a large grasslands area next to the overflow parking {read: Easter and Christmas parking} and several kinds of wildflowers grow there, but sunflowers are the most abundant. Right now they are stunning! So the other day when I had some time to spare {without kids and before my mom's group started} I stopped to get some shots.

I just couldn't decide exactly how I wanted to edit them, so I ran several different actions.
And now I can't decide which I like best, so I'm sharing them all!

sunflower-with-texture 2011-09-13_sunflowers_2894
For the shot on the left I {think} I ran PTM's Joy action and then added one of Kim Klassen's textures.
The shot on the right is almost sooc....I made some minor adjustments in RAW mode.

This one I {think} I ran Nelly Nero's Ivory Bleach action three times.

On this, I may have run Nelly Nero's Ivory Bleach action twice, or maybe her Autumn Vintage action...I don't write this stuff down and my brain is full of other things to remember....like Breck's spelling words, homework and grocery lists. ;)

And it's very likely that I ran Nelly Nero's Grunge BW action for this edit.

sunny-sunflower bw-sunflower
...umm....who knows.

And this one is definitely Nelly Nero's Ain't Life A Peach action.

Here are links to all three super talented ladies whose awesome actions and textures I used:
Nelly Nero
Paint the Moon
Kim Klassen


  1. Beautiful photos Katie. I love the lighting. Gorgeous edits.

  2. They're all so beautiful. I've had a real problem with editing lately. I can't decide what works best either.

  3. I normally don't like B/W for nature photos but that high contrast sunflower B/W (wow that's a lot of descriptions) really grabs my attention.

  4. Congrats to the winner! I love it, great shot

  5. I'm like that with editing too. I edit/run actions until I'm happy with the result. It's not an exact science so I guess it's ok!

  6. These are all beautiful! I also have a hard time remembering what editing I've done to photos. :)

  7. Girl you are rockin' the flowers!! Love it~

  8. Ok...I like them all! I don't know how you would pick a favorite! I just love looking at your blog! you are amazing!!

  9. I am really in love with sunflowers. What fun shots.

  10. I love the sunflowers. My fave is the one with the sun flare. :)
    I know what you mean about forgetting the steps used to process. I keep a little note pad (long skinny shopping list kind) next to my computer.

  11. You totally crack me up with your trying to remember what you did. Too funny!! I am in love with the fourth shot. Very nicely edited!


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