Friday, October 21, 2011

Get Creative with Your Kids - Day 21

Today is focused on moms/dads and their kids.
I realize that many of you do not have children of your own or little ones at home, but you can still grab a niece/nephew, grandchild, your neighbor's kid...just don't steal one. ;)
{come to think of it....husbands would work great, too}

Before I had kids life as a stay at home mom sounded like a joyride.
I had images of me in my comfy pajamas, sitting on the patio each morning, sipping gourmet coffee and reading my favorite magazine...all while the kid(s) slept in.
{...I can hear the chuckling!}

Then I had a baby.
And then two years later, I had a second.

Exit: Dreams of leisurely mornings and free time.
Enter: Real. Life. Motherhood.

It's a busy thing filled with dirty diapers, homework, laundry, cooking and cleaning.
And if moms are good at anything, it's multitasking!
So why not combine your own creativity time with your child's?

Here are a few idea to get you started:

*Go on a Photo Walk - this is better suited for older children and for those of you who have two cameras. {or a child who is responsible enough to wield your precious dslr!} Go for a walk around the block and see what you both come up with!

*Paint a Still Life - create a still life scene using various items from around the house. {let your kids pick some things, too!} Then grab some paint and a canvas, some drawing paper, or even use cardboard from your recycle bin. Each of you interpret and paint the scene, then compare and contrast your creations!

*Make Thank You Cards - sit down at the table with your kids, some regular copy paper {or cardstock if you have it on hand}, some decorative scissors or punches, ribbon, glue, stickers....whatever you have. Then make a bunch of thank you notes or Christmas cards!

What kinds of crafty/creative things do you already do with your kids?

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  1. as you might notice in my posts from time to time ;), i use my kids as photo subjects — one because i think they're gorgeous and two because it's such good practice. the fun part is that they generally enjoy it and entertain me and it's really a bonding time.

  2. Thanks for sharing. :) Great ideas.

  3. Speaking of thank you you know what is on a sticky on my desktop???? BIG red words that say "Thank you note for Katie" you know why....the awesome gift you sent to Caleb way back in June!!!! I'm so sorry!!!!! Maybe I will apply this on Monday and get busy...expect mail. :)


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