Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's So Wrong with Ordinary? - Day 22

Today's post really ties in with Monday's topic and exercise of Shoot What's in Front of You.
Because when something is in front of you every day, it becomes very ordinary!

A lot of us, myself included, take for granted the beauty in the ordinary.

Like the dashboard of your car that you see every. single. day.
Dashboard of a Truck - 16x20 Fine Art Auto Photography Print - Black and White High Contrast Home Decor Photo

Or the whimsy in your child's play.
Toy Soldiers - 8x10 Fine Art Photography Print - masculine home decor photo for boy nursery or bedroom art

Or a leaf laying on the street outside of your house.
Autumn Has Begun, So Says the Golden Maple Leaf - 20x30 Fine Art Nature Photography Print - Orange and Umber Minimalist Fall Photo

Beautiful things surround us each day.
Sometimes we just have to open our eyes to see it.

31 Days


  1. This is a good advice! I really like to take photos of what's in my house...macro pics are so funny to me because they show the subject in a way so different from the reality!

  2. I thought that right away when reading your title -- my post just ties into this -- dishes are so every day ordinary... but really, you've beautifully captured some every-day stuff!! Love this and thanks for all the work you're putting into this series!!


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this :) .. ive been taking your advice! Have to load up some of the finished products! :) Even my chandelier above me LOL never noticed how neat it looks as i stare at things behind my lens!

  4. I'm more likely to notice this in the winter when I'm inside more. I never run out of beautiful things to photograph outside, but it really is fun to notice the everyday things. When I see pictures of toys, I often wish we still had the "Little People" occupying our basement. They would be fun to photograph.

  5. I have to admit...I know how to shoot what's in front of me. HA! It might not be a good shot, but I can shoot it. :) My mind doesn't get too creative on putting "things together" to make a shot, but I do try.


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