Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make Some Lemonade - Day 4

Life is full of challenges, whether big or small. 
And art is no different.

Last Christmas I was gifted the 50mm lens I'd been wanting.
I wasted no time getting that baby on my camera and guess what....no auto focus.
As it turns out, my camera body is one of about three bodies which do not support the AF feature on this particular lens.

{pardon my french}

At that point I could do one of two things:
1. Return it to get a different {and much more expensive} lens.
2. Keep it.

I'd like to say I immediately saw this as a challenge and wanted to tackle it head on.
But in reality, I was way too lazy to hassle with an online return, so I kept it.
Turns out, my laziness challenge was leading me into unexpected places!
I quickly entered into the Land of Out of Focus {focus, focus, focus} and I haven't turned back.

Trudging right on through an obstacle can teach you to think outside the box. It can open your eyes to new possibilities that convenience and rose colored glasses don't let you see.

What artistic challenges have you had lately?
Are you currently battling an obstacle right now?

31 Days


  1. What a sad realization, but good attitude!

  2. I love manual focus...it let's you be in control of the outcome :)

    Yes, Katie...not that I'm facing and obstacle, but a challenge. I've recently begun my photography business and will begin portraits next week. Always taking in the subjects of my own family was easy, without a care and I know that I'll do just fine but it's that 'beginning new adventures' part that just keeps me on the edge of my seat....googling around for ideas and cutesy props.

    Love the freshness of this photo, by the way and I'm enjoying your 31 days posts!!

  3. Gorgeous shot. Such an interesting story. I discovered that very thing nearly by accident as I was researching that 50mm. I still have the 18-55 kit and a 55-200. My biggest challenges come when I need the other lens but don't have time to switch, and then I have to get a little creative with my composition. I always think, well, shoot at 55mm and you'll know what it's like to have that 50mm. I never turned off my auto-focus until I met you, though, Katie. I try to turn it off for at least a little while if I am out shooting. :-)

  4. I have really enjoyed this so far. Can't wait to see what you have to say for the rest of the month!

    (P.S. I put your blog button in the side bar of my blog along with a few other peoples' 31 days buttons... http://katislittlecorner.blogspot.com/ )

  5. Merde! Haha, my french grandmother used to say that all the time. :)

    It amazes me that some of Nikon's cameras do not AF with some of their lenses. It's great that you were able to turn a negative into a positive. Lovely work!

  6. That is a challenge but you've managed well.

  7. Beautiful photo, Katie. My current obstacle ... I'm knee-deep in foyer updates, and even though they are minor and I need to do so much more, I'm thinking a little update is better than no udpate ... this after 22 years of the same look. :)

  8. Flippin' focus.....wanted, desired focus. I am GREAT at out of focus. Now, if it wasn't an accident we would call it artistic.

    I have read and practiced, read and practiced and I still can not achieve consistent sharp focus. I check my SS, my f-stop, my EVERYTHING......I could be shooting still life with a f/8 and SS of 300 and still out of focus.

    Sorry for my rant. I think I need to take my camera and lens to the shop for a tune up.....at least, thinking that's what they need makes me feel better.

  9. Great post. :) What a challenge but I love what came from it.

  10. Ouch! This hurt since I can't stand my 50mm because of no AF. You've wounded me. :) You know I'm your biggest fan (hee hee) and how much I love your OOF shots. They are always so beautiful!

  11. I remember this pic... And still love it just as much!

    You definitely learned to make some tasty tart lemonade with your OOF 50mm lens.

    Same thing happened to me when my 50mm showed up. I don't always take advantage of how my 50 could help me grow and see things totally different... Along with increase my manual focusing skills!


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