Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Not About the Benjamins - Day 5

You've probably heard the saying 
"Your camera doesn't make a photograph, you do."
"Give a good photographer a point and shoot and they will create a masterpiece, give a novice a Hasselblad and they will still take novice photographs."

Photography equipment alone will not make one a better photographer.

Let me say that again.
Photography equipment alone will not make one a better photographer.

You first need an understanding of the basics.
{This is where that 10% comes in! No idea what I'm talking about? Go HERE to catch up.}

There is definitely a time to trade up and there is a time to rock what you've got to it's fullest potential!

If you are an average person who has that thing called a "budget" then you know the necessity of maximizing everything you can, including pushing your camera to its limits.

If you have a point and shoot, learn everything you can about it. You'll be surprised just how much modern day P&Ss can do! When I did my first 365 Project I used a Sony Cyber-Shot. I loved that camera. But when I first started, I had no clue what it was capable of doing. My first few months worth of shots were sub-par, to say the least. 
I guarantee you had I owned a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, I still would have taken terrible shots.
And the $3000 price difference wouldn't have made any difference.


If you have a "base-model" DSLR, learn everything you can about it. You'll be surprised by how much a "base model" can do! When I joined in for a second year of the 365 Project, I upgraded to a Nikon D3000.
 ...and I'm still using the Nikon D3000


If you know your stuff and the "base-model" DSLRs are still leaving you wanting more, it's time to upgrade. At this stage you'll know what you're not getting from your current camera and you'll know what to look for in the next one.


If you have $10K just burning a hole in your pocket, contact me for my wish list and mailing address. 
{I joke! Sorta.} 
Seriously though, if you have the means to purchase anything your heart desires, then go ahead and skip those mad skillz. 
But you'll be sorry you did.

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31 Days

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  1. I am thankful that I started learning about photography with point and shoot in hand. It would have been much more intimidating to pick up my new camera with all the buttons and no idea what they should do for me. When I finally got my DSLR, it was just a matter of finding out WHERE everything was instead of WHAT it was. Rock what you've got is awesome advice!

  2. I like your last line, there, Katie :) They can contact me, too.

    I had my point-n-shoot and it frustrated me to no end when I started wanting to 'grow'. Manual is poopy with a point-n-shoot.

    I love my Canon DSLR, very much.

  3. I'm flat out loving this series. Funny thing is with my PnS composition was always my end game because I didn't really need to worry about the rest. When I went to the DLSR, my composition suffered because I was struggling just to use it correctly. Now that I've hit my comfort zone, I'm back to relaxing and playing with composition again.

  4. knew this post was coming and it was as good as expected! such sound advice! i've got a secret to share . . . i did upgrade just this week and it WAS time. i've already been able to pull some things off that weren't possible before. BUT {huge but ;}, if i had gotten this same cam just a few months ago, i wouldn't have had a clue how to maximize it. skillz required.

  5. LOVE my point and shoot :)


  6. Such a TRUE post!!! And if there is anybody that can say what was just said, it is you!! You definitely know how to rock what you've got!

  7. Amen and amen! I've even captured some of my favorite pics using my OLD flip 1mp cell phone and my new 5mph smart phone because that's what I had, and I've learned how to adjust what few settings I have to get a good shot. However, I'd love to upgrade my NIKON D40 to a newer model, so if your readers still have money to spare after your wish list, send them my way! In the mean time, I'm learning to find my inner artist and totally rock the camera I have been blessed with! :)


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