Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pattern Power - Day 12

As Milli from Team Umizoomi can tell you, patterns are everywhere!

And they can add amazing interest to a photograph.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - 16x20 Fine Art Sports Photography Print - Baseball or Football Stadium Chairs Await Fans on Game Day

Color My World with a Rainbow of Thread - 11x14 Fine Art Photography Print - Textural Sewing Still Life Home Decor Photo

Not all patterns have to fill the frame, however.
They can repeat in the subject and the background.
Solo Hot Air Balloon - 11x14 Fine Art Photography Print - Polkadot Balloon Soaring through a Bokeh Filled Teal Sky - Unisex Home Decor Photo

31 Days


  1. That hot hair balloon picture is gorgeous!


  2. Beautiful - I need to pay more attention to patterns.

  3. you are the champion at finding pattern....great post

  4. Fabulous girl :) I LOVE the thread shot! as a daughter to a quilter! :) Its fabulous! :) texture.. patterns! ;) awesome! (Love Milli lol)

  5. Patterns...who would have thunk?? :) You've got it girl!!! I have always loved that stadium chair picture.

  6. so simple, so cool! And really, patterns are everywhere!


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