Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Be or Not to Be... - Day 11

Good morning!

How are y'all enjoying the series so far?
We're already 1/3rd of the way through and I hope your creative juices are flowing and wheels are turning!
There's still a lot of information yet to come and three more exercises, so stick around.

Today we're talking about color or lack of and how both can play very dynamic roles in your composition.

Color can be a great catalyst for evoking feelings from your photos.

Kansas Sunflower - 8x10 Fine Art Floral Photography Print - Bright Yellow Bloom in Summer with a Colorful Pop - Feminine Home Decor Photo

Joy & Excitement
Jelly Beans - 11x14 Fine Art Food Photography Print - Children's Colorful Sugar Candy Bedroom Decor Photo

Fine Art Abstract Photography Print - 20x30 - "Serenity" - Aqua Teal Blue Waves Water Ocean Ripples Cottage Home Decor Photo

Whereas the absence of color can focus your attention more fully on the subject(s) and details.

A Day in Mom's Shoes - 20x30 Fine Art Photography Print - Black and White Kids Children Nursery Home Decor Photo

Monarch Butterfly in the Garden - 16x20 - Fine Art Nature Photography Print


If you have some free time, I highly recommend perusing the amazingly beautiful photos on flickr.
You can view gorgeously colorful shots HERE.
And striking black and whites HERE.

31 Days


  1. I am loving this series! Thank YOU so much for doing this! I have to upload the pics from yesterdays exercise! :) I want to take some more today! :) I had been dealing with a block of some kind... due to some serious stress earlier in the year... My camera had been put down ... and thanks to you ... you have reminded me why I started taking photos in the first place! :) Keep em coming :P

  2. Beautiful illustrations! They showed what you were saying very well.

  3. Absolutely beautiful - I remember editing one of my photos last night. It was full of color and I decided to convert to BW to focus on the emotion of the moment rather than all the colors.

  4. Just beautiful! I thought I was really liking your color photos until I saw your B&W's...those I LOVE! Do you have a certain action you use that you like or do you just convert them on your own?

  5. I'm LOVING these Katie! You know me...worst blog visitor ever, but I read them all on my feed and haven't missed a single one. LOVE! Your creativity is inspiring...and you help me look at things in a different way. These posts leave me wanting MORE and I'm afraid I'm going to go thru some kind of withdrawl when it's all over. Kinda like after the Olympics are over. Yeah, like that.

  6. Love the sunflower photo (and this series). So glad I found you.

  7. Beautiful pictures to illustrate this! The "peace" one is just that....peace! I could look at it all day. As for your joy/excitement...yep...Jelly Belly definitely make me happy...especially the buttered popcorn ones. YUM!

  8. Totally felt those emotions with you! And really??? a butterfly shot in b&w!?!? LOVE IT!!

  9. I'm loving seeing how there's different ways to tell a story... just with color!

  10. I simply am fascinated by the difference a B&W photos makes... Some pics are ob colr, while others becon you to try it in B&W! Your butterfly B&W is stunning...


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