Monday, October 24, 2011

Set Up the Scene - Day 24 & Exercise 4

Some scenes are fabulous as they are and getting a wonderful shot is simply a matter of being in the right place.
Other scenes need to be created. And that is where a lot of us get stumped.

I personally use things from around the house.
Such as my kids and my shoes.
A Day in Mom's Shoes - 20x30 Fine Art Photography Print - Black and White Kids Children Nursery Home Decor Photo

Other scenes require some crafting first.
For this shot I made quick little Valentine's, taped up a length of yarn on the wall, then added the clothespins.
Paper Hearts on the Line - 8x8 Fine Art Photography Print - Five Feminine Pink Valentine's Nursery, Little Girl's Room and Home Decor Photo

And some scenes are a matter of combining your idea with what is already there.
This one was taken while the kids and I were fishing. The bench and nature was already there, I just had to add the fishing pole and bucket.
Gone Fishin' - 16x20 Fine Art Photography Print - Serene Relaxing Country Lake Home Decor Photo for Him or Her

For today's exercise I want you to grab some props and set a scene.
This can be all your own creation or you can combine something that's already there with things that have been added for the purpose of a composed shot.

In your post please tell us about your idea, what props you used and where you found them, and of course include the final image which can be sooc or edited.

{The linky for this exercise will remain open through November 7th.}

31 Days


  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm trying really hard to slow down long enough to see these shots!! I had done some shots with creating a setting...

  3. I reallllly need to slow down and start these exercises. If my boys ever decided they want nature hanging on their walls, I'm buying that bench/duck print!

  4. Am I first??? Woo-hoo!! There you go!

    I guess I'm just not always thinking about grabbing stuff around me and arranging it into something nice... and I got something tomorrow I'm going to have to do the same thing with... :-D so this was good practice!


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