Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Take Me There - Day 25

One of the basic lessons I learned in art school was that you want the viewer's eyes to move around the painting/photograph/etc.

A good {and easy} way to do this is with the use of lines.

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch is an excellent example of this!
Can you see how your eyes are carried around the painting?


Do you see it now?

Although more difficult, this same principle can be applied to photography.
The Path Before Me - Scripture & a Snapshot - Psalm 27:11 - 11x14 Fine Art Christian Photography Print

31 Days


  1. Great lesson! I use this when I am painting but actually never really thought about it when laying out a photograph. Hmmmm.........

  2. Katie, it has been so good to be reminded of all of these elements of composition. Both because there are some I haven't paid attention to yet, and some that I have. Encourages me that I am growing and yet have much to look forward to. I've learned a lot about leading lines in the past year, but I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate negative space. Good stuff! Thank you.

  3. Great lesson! Thanks Katie for the enlightning ideas...

  4. A great lesson today. Have to pay more attention as I look at my editing.

  5. great lesson.. I was just explaining this to a friend... you did a better job...and I had that same lesson in an art class in college

  6. I think my next challenge will be looking through my archives to identify leading lines. Then, go out and take some shots intentionally finding leading lines.

  7. Katie. Really. I think you just convinced me I don't need to go investing money in any "composition and design classes" -- you're giving me all the education I'm needing here!!

    I'm lovin' lines! Lovin' them!! I've got to pay much more attention cause I'm lovin' them.



  8. Well said!!! I haven't thought of this before. Love your example of art you gave. Showed how to do it exactly. Thanks!


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