Monday, October 17, 2011

Shoot What's in Front of You - Day 17 & Exercise 3

There are not enough hours in a day anymore, are there?!
I swear, once my kids started school and I started working on my business, my days feel more like they have 6 hours in them...not the customary 24.

And I know I'm not alone.

But rather than trying to carve out "me" time to go on a photo shoot all by myself {oye, wouldn't that be heaven?!}, I find it helpful...if not absolutely shoot wherever I am. And that's usually around the house.

btw...I took this shot nearly 2 years ago...and I thought I'd share my settings with y'all:
Nikon D3000
55mm {oh yes, the kit lens!}
ISO 400

For this week's exercise I want you to go on a photo shoot around your house, your office....wherever you spend the majority of your day. I want you to see the beauty that surrounds you everyday, whether it's the kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, your child's fit throwing, or the stapler in your office.

If you get stuck, try using some of the techniques from earlier in this series to add interest to your shots.
Happy shooting!!

This linky will be up through October 31st.

31 Days

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31 Days


  1. I don't know if I dare! My house is such a mess! Maybe some cleaning before the photo shoot? :)

  2. That is a fantastic challenge! I will do it. Soon. But cleaning before the photo shoot is totally overrated--that's what macro photography is for! Love the interesting contrasts and shapes in your shot.

  3. So nothing wrong with a kit lens... i am so not sure why this reputation is there..LOL.. working on a shot for you...

  4. LOVE this Challenge! :) will be working on this! :) Thank you for all you do and the simplicity in the challenges you share! Hugs

  5. This is a great challenge. I feel what you are saying about time!! Mine seems to be flying by so quickly, I'm barely getting any photos in right now! I MISS ME TIME!

  6. Boy, do I hear you on this one! That is one of the challenges of a picture a day! I run out of material; work just really cramps my style :-) !!!

    I'll have to look around more for interesting subject matter right in my home!

  7. Exactly!! Stink, just when you think you'll have more time... it just gets filled with something else! So, really, we just have to figure out what's important at that moment... and go with that! And be willing to open our eyes to what's in front of us! Look for light and color -- not things. :)

    btw, Jeremy looked at my pic and was like "why did you take a pic of the dishes?" after I explained what I was doing, he liked it.

    Have a great weekend!


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