Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wait For It.... - Day 9

Yesterday we talked about going with your gut and seizing the moment.
Today we're talking about the opposite: having patience to wait for the perfect shot.

During this past summer the kids and I went to the Iowa State Fair.
I think it was the second day we went that my daughter fell asleep, so she and I sat in the shade while my son and mom watched a show. We were fairly close to the sky lift and I spent a lot of my time watching the people glide above me. During people watching I decided I wanted to capture a pink gondola sans passengers.
And so I waited...and waited...and waited.
{Y'all would not believe how many pink chairs there were with people in them!}

Finally, I was able to get my shot.

And it was exactly what I wanted.
Sometimes good things are worth waiting for.

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31 Days


  1. Very good tip! So true. I love the processing on this shot too.

  2. of those things I really struggle with.

  3. As an Iowa girl myself ... always worth waiting for good things!

  4. Patience...I need that for sure. I give up on "getting the shot" way too easy.


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