Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scripture & a Snapshot - Week 64

This weekend has been the start of our goodbyes as we prepare for our 700 mile move.
As I'm sure most of you know, there are differing levels of goodbyes which are primarily based on the level of friendship.

And friendships are a lot like buildings...they happen in steps and each step is important to building a strong and lasting foundation.

The first of our goodbyes were the easiest ones. 
They were with acquaintances; where the spaces had been cleared for possible friendships, but no foundation had been laid.

We've also said goodbye to long time friends.
These are sad, but also relatively easy. 
They're the kind of friendships that transcend time and space; the foundations were built long ago and the buildings have stood through fire, wind, and rain. 
A little distance will not change a thing!

And then there are the goodbyes yet to come.
These are the friendships that have just started; the ground has been cleared, a solid foundation has begun being built, but it's not complete. 
Fire, wind, and rain could easily destroy these buildings.
It's these goodbyes that bring me to tears.
...the kind of goodbyes that may very well be forever.

But in these times and days of sadness I am reminded that there is one goodbye I will never have to say:
Jesus will never be a goodbye!
He is always there, no matter where we move. 
And He knows what it's like to say goodbye to your family and friends. 

No matter the outcome of these in-process friendships, I am better for having them and thank God for bringing these wonderful people into our life!


“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends."
Revelation 3:20


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  1. Katie, that was beautiful. So poignant and heartfelt. Best of luck with your journey!

  2. wow, i really really love it! so wonderful!

    good luck :)

  3. Thinking of you, Katie -- and praying! ~Sally

  4. God bless you and your family on your move!!!

  5. I know these kinds of goodbyes.

    But Jesus is never a goodbye.

    Blessings as you travel and build new foundations.

  6. My prayers are with you and your family in this time of good-byes. I grew up in a military town (San Antonio, to be exact) and grew far too familiar with good-byes. I have found comfort in my Grandpa's reminder that for Christians, we never have to say good-bye but rather "auf wiedersehen" which means until we meet again. What a glorious reunion heaven will be someday!

  7. I’ve included your site on a page I’ve put together devoted to hops, challenges, and memes for every day of the week! The link to that page is under my header.

  8. I know what you mean about the goodbyes to those friends that you just started to build higher. Two summers ago I was invited to stayed with my brother and his family for the summer. They live out west. While I was there I was able to get a summer job and I made many good friends but when the summer came to an end those friends and I had to say goodbye. With Facebook we were able to keep in touch but with most of them we have started to drift apart. There are still a few friends that will be lasting. Those who I worked with closly I am still good friends with and when I went out there for a visit the next summer I was able to meet up with them. There is always hope that there will be some lasting friends that you will keep in touch with.

    I'm so glad that with Jesus you will never have to say goodbye to. Praying that the goodbyes won't be quite as hard as you think and that the move will go smoothly!

  9. Wonderful shot and verse.
    We too will likely soon be moving, though we've no idea where, and its very tough to leave these friendships behind. After living in this place for 5 years, I've only recently begun to create these friendships, just in time to move, it's bittersweet. Best of luck to you and your family.

  10. Wonderful Photo and verse girl! :) ALways remember... when the Lord closes one chapter in our lives... he automatically opens a NEW ONE! :) for us! big hugs .. and safe travels!

  11. Good luck to you and your family in your move! Your heart is in the right place..Jesus. God bless!

  12. Wise words, Katie. I feel for you, we moved 5 years ago and so had a similar experience. Perfect photo & scripture pairing. Nicely done!

  13. Katie- We move a lot since we are in the military. I have never heard the good-bye process shared in such a moving way. Your words described the process perfectly. I pray that your newly budding friendships sustain the move and that God lays a foundation for the friends you are about to make at your new destination.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  14. As the hubs and I discuss whats next for us - I'm always initially elated with the prospect of moving! What an adventure... Yet I'm always brought to tears at the goodbyes that would have to be said - I hope that some of those goodbyes don't mean forever and that the foundation went deeper and stronger than you'd even intended.

  15. Wow, Katie! What great depth to these words. I'm so sorry you are having to say goodbye to so many loved ones and especially to those relationships that were just beginning. I'm praying you find new friends quickly in your new town and that God's Peace cover you during this time. See ya soon!

  16. I Love it "Jesus will never be a goodbye." that is really beautiful.


  17. Wonderful words and photo!

    Regards from Norway


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