Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blah Blah Blah...

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm one of those people who just can't seem to find the perfect blog layout.
...which is why it changes every few months!

Yesterday I had some free time {read: didn't do things I was supposed to do} and thought I'd get the blog a little more professional looking before our big move.

...please give me your honest opinions...what do you think???
Is the layout easy to read, easy to use and does it fit your screen?
Things will be much more colorful once I get back into my regular photography habits, so please disregard the blandness at this time.

...until things settle back to normal, I'm just going to follow this:
Pinned Image
{found via Pinterest at}


Does everyone know about Project Pinterest???
Go HERE to learn more about it...whether you're a photographer, crafter, baker, etc it's seriously a lot of fun!
Come back to link up tomorrow morning and be sure to visit my co-host Sarah from It's on the Tip of My Tongue!


In other news...
I've decided to open a new Etsy shop!
...because I don't have enough going on!...
{It will officially open sometime in January after we've moved and gotten settled.}

It's called Anthology on Main.

In it you will {eventually} find an eclectic mix of handmade items from jewelry to paintings to home decor.
Many of my Pinterest projects will be added to the shop.


As far as moving stuff goes...
We're moving along with the process of buying the house in Houston.
Hopefully by the end of this week we will have the movers scheduled.
{and then all the fun "new resident" stuff begins!}

On the flip side of things, it's been slow going with selling our house here.
...I'm mean, what could people possibly be doing right now?!

And, as always, a big THANK YOU for all your continued prayers!!!
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  1. just popped in to say I am praying!!!!!

  2. We're friends, and you said be honest, so here goes. I only clicked "READ MORE" because it's YOU Katie-Friend. I don't usually click "READ MORE" on truncated posts. I just move on. Sorry. That is truth. Otherwise, your blog fits on my screen, and looks good!!!

    On another note... I'm all ready for Project Pinterest! I found a fun one! =) (HUGS) ~Sally

  3. Good luck selling the house. That's always so stressful! And I LOVED that blogger's manifesto. Thanks for sharing it. And a big congrats on the Etsy shot...hope all goes well! :)

  4. Indeed, the layout is bland, but I will wait to pass total judgement until you can populate your photography!

    P.S. Do you makeover blogs as a hobby or side job?

  5. love seeing things change up on other folks blogs and not just mine ;) i'm a big fan of clean and simple. let's your photos pop when you post them! had to pin that manifesto, too.

  6. I love your blog header :) Best wishes for the upcoming move! We WISH we could move, but with 2 houses foreclosed on and vacant on our street and continuing falling housing market prices, we're stuck. Thank goodness we like our house, we just wish it were in the country and a bit bigger:)

  7. Love it! Love the bog manifesto too!


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