Friday, February 10, 2012

{ 001 } :: 325

{ deep breath }

...and here we go...
The beginning of my 365 325 Project for 2012.

It's been much too long since I've picked up my camera just for fun.
So, about ten minutes ago I decided today is the day I will start my 325 Project.
{ that I'm thinking about it, perhaps I should have waited another 4 days, then it could be a 321 Project...oh well...onward we go! }

I really want to keep your expectations low things real and honest, so you'll likely see a lot of patterns, maybe some textures, probably a lot of craft and art supplies, and general everydayness. Some days { like today } I may ramble and carry on and other days it may be just a picture.

I also have no plans to link up anywhere.
That may change, but for now I'm enjoying the freedom that comes with less blogging, less link ups, and more focus on 'real life'. 
It's quite liberating to let go of that desire to be a famous blogger and well known photographer with a blog following in the thousands.

...ok, enough talk. On with the picture...


It's { obviously } pencils.
But they're character pencils that came with the kids' Valentine cards: Scooby Doo, Cars and Hello Kitty.
I found them at Michael's for 50% off...which made the 16 pack of cards and pencils a whoppin' $1.50 each!


  1. aaaaah....peace.....

    Katie, I'm right there with you in your thoughts and absolutely love the idea of 321 {I might have to 'try' it and it would give me a few days to prepare my brain for remembering} :)

    LOVE this simple and brilliant shot, by the way!!

  2. ya know I love pencil shots... love this one too!! and love the price.. on the way to Micheal's , right after my 10 year old gets her arm xrayed

  3. Good for you Katie! Love this--especially the "odd man out". Or is it the shining star? You really can't tell. Fun!

  4. Awesome photo! Your shots always inspire me...thank you!

  5. I keep thinking I'm gonna do one of those 'photo a day' series... you may have just started something.

    Your thoughts on letting go... yes, I'm right there too. :-)

  6. Such pretty colors! Smokin' deal too!

  7. Awesome shot and so glad you are going to do this... I am always inspired but what you're eye sees.

  8. Love it. And good for you being liberated from the blogging burden. It seems at some point everyone gets this desire to become "big". I know I struggled with it a lot before I switched from being a kids crafts blog. When bloggers are true to themselves and do it because they want to, that is when blogging is fun (for you and us). I know I will be here reading along whenever you decide to post.

  9. Yeah!!! I love to look at photos through your eyes! So spectacular :-)

  10. I look forward to your daily entries. It is always a treat. V

  11. I absolutely love this photo and look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

  12. Yay! I miss your pictures a day because you are so creative with what you shoot!! So glad you are jumping on your own bandwagon and doing this. Maybe I'll get back to is soon enough. Maybe?!

  13. YAY you for doing this YOUR way and not "their" way! I too gave up the "blogging rules" this year and am doing things on my own terms. I love it! I thought I would miss it some, but more important things filled the time and I can't complain! :) What good I got from blogging last year I kept (experience and FRIENDS!) and that's all I need!



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