Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Two days in a row.
...I'm on a roll.

This shot really doesn't do the height of this tree in our backyard justice.
I've never seen pine trees so. stinkin'. tall before we moved to Texas.

And the best part about them?

While most people loath trees that drop stuff nature's craft supplies, I personally love it.
I have two crafts on my to-make list that involve pinecones.
Now I'm just waiting for a massive amount of them to drop from above!
{ is there a season when pinecones drop? }


  1. great shot....and can not wait to see what you create...

  2. Superb shot!

    I think here pinecones fall in the fall... but I jus think that, don't know that.

  3. You amaze me with you can take the seemingly ordinary and make it extraordinary. I think I may have told you that before, but there is no other way to describe it. I constantly feel like I have nothing to photograph unless I go on a special trip or outing. You prove me wrong again and again. I really need to start looking right in front of me more often.

  4. Beautiful photo!!! Can't wait to hear what you create with the pinecones :)

  5. Wow! Great job showing how tall that tree is. Beautiful editing also. Love the soft tones. As for when they fall....if they are pretty mature cones on there right now...then probably soon. I know our pine trees are still dropping cones in the spring. It kind of depends on how cold it got for the winter.


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