Monday, March 12, 2012

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This is my sink and window.
I. Love. It.

My husband picked out the faucet and sink and my stepdad installed it all.
They did a brilliant job!

Remember those violets from a couple weeks ago?
This is where they normally reside.

I love that this window ledge is big enough for most of my plants to sit on...4 violets, 1 tulip, 1 orchid, and 1 unknown bulb from a variety pack, which is kind of cropped out.


  1. Pretty, pretty. So, now.... dishwasher... sink... faucet... Life is good, huh? =) (hugs)

  2. Oh, I love it too! Someday I'll have a window sink again.

  3. A front view of it! Yay!! It looks so nice. I miss mine!

  4. Oh I love that! I wish mine was like that... but all our windows swing IN so it is annoying to have them open over the sink.

  5. Beautiful!!! Sigh. Can you send them my way to make my kitchen all pretty like that? Oh -- I'd need a window first? Ok. Never mind. HA!


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