Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Palm fronds are so totally awesome.
First of all they're tropical and that by itself is cool, but their patterns/textures are just so neat!

I took the kids to the library { where I chicken out from taking some book shots } and then the botanical garden.
Breck told me it was the worst place he's ever been.
*sigh* oh, I love my little guy! :)

{ ...and now I know where to take him when he's really naughty... }


  1. LOL on Brecks comment! Sweet shot - love the bokeh!

  2. Love palm fronds, and have never seen them in this way... Lovely!

  3. Really adore this shot. Just returned from a much needed vacation in Mexico and I am missing those palms in the wind! I would totally frame this and hang it on my wall for a touch of tropical.

    But I won't - cuz that would be like, stealing. But I'll enjoy seeing it here :)

  4. I'm all for anything tropical! :) And I'm totally laughing at your boy! hehe! however -- grr!! Don't chicken out on getting those pics! If nothing else -- tell the librarian what you're doing and I'm sure they won't mind! :) hehe... I just pictured Flynn (The Librarian) when I said to talk to the librarian -- I'm totally sure he wouldn't mind you photographing books! lol!! Oye, now I want to watch those movies!! Too bad they aren't on netflix!


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