Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busy Bee


This week I've been focusing a lot on my etsy shop by updating existing features such as Facebook and Twitter, and implementing new features such as a monthly newletter...the first issue of which is due out April 1st! { no foolin'! } You can sign up for that HERE.

I've been reading lots of small business articles and listening to tons of marketing seminars. I highly recommend Etsypreneur and Handmadeology. These two sites have really helped me focus on the business side of my shop without feeling overwhelmed or lost! I recently created a year-long promo plan and now need to decide how I'm going to market it all.
I'm thinking of buying ad space on one of the more premium blogs.
{ you know, the ones that cost beau-coup bucks per month! }
Have any of you done this and if so, what were your results?
I'm looking to advertise on home decor and maternity { read: nursery decor } types of blogs, so if you know any really good ones please shout 'em on out!
I'll likely also sponsor a handful of giveaways throughout the year and will share those via social networks and the newsletter.

Over the past two weeks I've also been adding a lot of new prints to the shop. Ever since starting up with the photo-a-day project I'm finding myself much more motivated to go out and shoot...even with the kids in tow! 
...I'm completely and utterly drawn to azaleas, by the way...
Here are a few of the images that haven't made it on the blog fact only a few have made it to the shop { the rest will be there soon! }:


  1. Good for you having goals and moving on them! You're shots are beautiful!

  2. Yay for your goals!!!! I really, really like the blueberry shot. Awesome! You've got it've got it!


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