Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Aren't the lines and textures in this bundt pan beautiful?!
I got it years ago for free from someone in the neighborhood freecycle group.

Have I ever used it?
Oh, heavens no!
I'm saving it for a later, yet unknown, upcycling project.

...Yes, I have been contacted by the tv show Hoarders.
Why do you ask?


  1. Love it! I have one from my mom that has love marks similar. She's had it since I was a little girl and now it's mine to make yummy goodness in for my boys. :)

  2. Love it - I have one just like it that I bake cakes in all the time.

  3. LOL, I love the lines too! (It would be good for sandcastles...)

    1. That it would, Susan! That it would. ...and I just talked my husband into going to the beach next weekend. Perfect timing...thanks for the tip! :)

  4. Amazing, something so simple turned into art. Love it

  5. Your photography never ceases to blow me away. <3 So beautiful.

  6. I have my grandmothers old bundt pan just like yours. I still bake in it! Unlike your creative mind, I have never thought of photographing it. Thanks for keeping my mind charged!!!


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