Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scripture & a Snapshot - Week 79


The thing about reading Genesis, Chapter 1 is that it doesn't go into much detail.
We're not told in scientific terms how God created the Earth, just that He created it.

I personally agree with the thought that God made things with a certain order to them and we call that order science, whether it's physics, biology, astronomy, etc. I think it's fascinating, intriguing, and awesome to learn about the ways in which God put our solar system, earth, and human bodies together...and He did it with such intricacies!

But not everyone agrees with me. Many Christians put themselves at odds with science. And while I think it's unfortunate, I also think it's ok.

Because in the end, Genesis Chapter 1 is given to us to explain the most important part of our existence in very simple terms: God made everything.

When we understand the who, the details don't even matter!


  1. and it was good! amen to your post!

  2. Katie,

    Your photo is stunning! I love everything about it. The transparency of the Scripture font makes it all the more elegant! Quite a keeper!


  3. Love that last line, as long as we know the who, the details really don't matter. So true. Beautiful photo as always Katie. you inspire my photography.

  4. I love this - in my mind, science and Christianity co-exist without a problem. Look at the human body - He has put us together in such a complex way, and given us the knowledge to study it.

    I think some of the problem that modern scientists have is vanity - knowing that there will be some things that are simply beyond reasonable explanation, and they want to have the answer for everything.

  5. Thank You for this.
    I really needed this :)

  6. When we know the Who, the whys and hows don't matter. Amen.

    Your photo is stunning!

  7. Amen sista... ahh I love what you wrote! Thanks for this amazing reminder of God each week, I really enjoy this meme!

  8. That photo was stunningly awesome! The verse, too.

  9. Excellent point you made! What a lovely picture.


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