Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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The past week has been busy, which is why I haven't posted any new photos since last Wednesday.
My mom flew 950 miles for a four-day, long weekend visit which was wonderful, then Seth was gone several days for work, and most recently we found out that the closing on our home in Kansas, which was supposed to be tomorrow, will not be happening as scheduled. Lots of stress and frustration with that!

...and all of it combined has taken me out of the photo-taking mood...
I think it's time for a quick trip to the botanical gardens!


  1. Oh rats - I hope all of the details get worked out, Katie!!! I'll be praying. Also -- hope you take that trip to the botanical gardens. That will no doubt provide many beautiful photo opps! (hugs) ~Sally

  2. Oh that does not sound like fun! I hope everything gets ironed out. Remember that God is in control and worrying is like a rocking chair; it gives us something to do but it doesn't get us anywhere!

  3. BUG!

    Praying the closing gets worked out and that you get a trip to the garden!

  4. Hope it all gets figured otu soon! sorry you are fun! Love all the color in that shot, though!

  5. No way! I can't believe the closing didn't happen like it was supposed to! Aargh!! I'll be praying it works out quickly and all is taken care of. That is very frustrating I'm sure. As for the the head of the Polly Pocket just sitting in the pile. Too cute!


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