Thursday, October 27, 2011

Focus is Overrated - Day 27

31 Days

When I was taking photo classes in college, tack sharp focus was preached.
And then when I got back into photography after the birth of my children, tack sharp focus was still a central topic.

I have terrible sight even with contacts. And if that weren't bad enough, the more still I need to be, the shakier my hands seem to become! Not a good combination for that tack sharp focus, eh?
{and I refuse to be tied down to a tripod}

So instead of driving myself crazy trying to always get that perfect in-focus shot, I did a 180 from the masses and started purposely shooting out of focus.
{the out of focus happens in camera, not post processing.}

The result has been some very artistic shots.
Out of focus shots do a great job of evoking memories within the viewer.

What memories or feeling do you get from this shot?

How about this one?
Whimsical Carousel Nursery Decor - 16x20 Fine Art Carnival Photography Print - Out of Focus Home Decor Photo

What smells or temperatures do you feel when you look at this?
Tranquillity - 20x30 Fine Art Photography Print


  1. I love your soft focus shots! I have started taking a few whenever I am out shooting a bunch of pictures. I always love them. Thank you for this! Your merry go round is one of my favorites ever.

  2. you are so right, katie! much emotion is evoked from these images, allowing each person to apply their own interpretation. it is all beauty.

  3. I love out of focus shots! Your merry-go-round one is especially lovely! :)

  4. I love this shots that are not quiet in focus. I have the same problem, but I tend to not process them, thinking they aren't worth the time. Yours are so artistic looking and I love them! Maybe I'll have to give mine a second glance.

  5. I love that last picture! The smells, the temperature, and the sounds...I wish I could jump into the picture and be transported to that place. :)

  6. Your unfocused shots inspire me. I went to the fair last weekend with every intention not to focus.

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only "blindy" trying to use a camera. I will never be able to get perfect focus either. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. These are great lessons : ) I've been following and enjoying your photos and words. You're right the first rule is tack sharp focus, and the second is rules were meant to be broken. Sometimes I just can't do a shot the way "I'm supposed to" either. I really like your style. It gives me inspiration to play! I can't do unfocused like you- I'm a complex migraine sufferer (I have meds- no worries) and feel the need to stay focused or I get a deep fear. Our work is so opposite we could do a show together : ) I love your work!

  9. Ok, so I love your unfocused shots... I like a few of mine... but I feel like I'm copying yours - imitating instead of being inspired by. However, I guess you could say that every in-focus shot I take is an imitation of someone else's. And because you're the main one I know of who does OOF shots, I feel that any I do I'd get the "she's copying Katie - instead of being inspired by"...

    Anyways, with your permission, I'm going to try to break free from that and see where my off shots take me!

    Anyway, enough about me...
    1. I remember being young and care free! Wind in my hair! Sailing though the air!
    2. a mix of a scary movie (ugh! I'll email you more on it if you want an explanation) or feminism.
    3. warm fresh spring air, right before the rain comes.


    I'm lovin' these exercises.. Now, to do this with my own shots!


  10. These are so gorgeous. My photo of Dustyn and the dandelion was unfocused. Normally I would have deleted it. You inspired me. :)

  11. Artistically out of focus is still a far cry from my poorly focused shots! :)

  12. I love your oof shots! And you have inspired me to embrace the art of photographing oof. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not. But I still keep trying. So thank you!

  13. LOL!!! You inspired me!!! I gave it a shoy on my 365 pic today...

  14. I KNEW this would make it somewhere in here! You are definitely the pro at OOF shots! Love them! That first shot makes me think back to summer days at the park when I was little. The second one I smell cotton candy and funnel cakes just from looking at it. It makes me think of our fairs around here. The third...well we have not pretty bridges like that that I've been to so I guess I'll have to use my imagination.


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