Friday, October 28, 2011

Off With Their Heads! - Day 28

Who says you have to have a face in a portrait?!
Pish posh and nonsense.

Headless portraits can lend incredible interest to the frame.
It creates a sense of curiosity. 
And while that may have killed the cat, us humans seem to thrive on it.

Some of my favorite shots of our kids are headless:


I rest my case.

31 Days


  1. What a wonderful series!! I agree. Some of my favourite portrait shots are "headless".

  2. The GREAT thing about this one is that you can cheat and do it with a crop! So great for those eyes half closed shots that you otherwise love. Although I'm sure you can compose it better if you do it intentionally. :-)

  3. so true. i've been trying to remember to experiment with this approach. the first time i did, my hubby said . . . "you missed their heads" . . . and i just grinned, "i know. it's art or something" ;)

  4. Love these! Some of my favorite photos of my kids are also headless. The grandparents don't seem to understand them though. :)

  5. hehe!! Off with their heads! Love it!!

    And while I didn't cut anyone's heads off in my post today, I didn't always show faces, either! And I have to admit, those are some of my most favs!

    Ok, I've been brainstorming all week on setting up my scene! I think you'll love it! Gonna be shooting it in the morning! I'm getting excited!!!


  6. Duly noted...

    I look forward to having some little seats & feet to try this out on!

  7. Yep! That last one of yours has been a favorite of mine as well as the other two. Love your headless shots! That second picture little missy is just a wee babe in.


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