Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hi, ISO - Day 29

We all know that one very important rule of thumb to making great photos is to have a low ISO.
But since this final section of the series is all about breaking the rules, lets talk about high ISO instead!

From an artistic perspective, a high ISO will give you that grainy, old style film texture {aka: noise} that can add age or interest to an image.

Let's take a peek at what that looks like...
These images were all taken with an ISO of 3200
{FYI: I recently upgraded my camera to the Nikon D7000 from the D3000...the D3000 would have significantly more noise at this level.}




31 Days


  1. Very beautiful images, and not that noisy. But the noise that's there does work for it. My rebel at 1600 produces more noise than that. Time for an upgrade....

  2. I like the look that the noise gives these. Great examples. Congratulations on the upgrade to a D7000. I have heard awesome things about that camera. I shoot Canon, bu think Nikon is very nice, especially that model.
    I haven't been commenting, but I have read every post of this series. I subscribe by email and have been reading. Just haven't been that good of a commenter. I am thoroughly enjoying this series. Great job!

  3. These are gorgeous!!!! I must take more high ISO photos!! (Winter is so good for that with lack of great light!)

  4. Wow! You weren't kidding when you told me about that iso earlier. Unbelievable! My D40 would have ruined these at that high. doesn't even go that high. Lol!

  5. You know, the iso doesn't bother me at all on these! And what luck, my d40 rocks at making iso at the higher numbers... LOL! Maybe I need to find the right subjects/lighting/mood to compliment my camera's natural-born ability to make noise!



  6. Beautiful shots, Katie! The D7000 is SO awesome and I still feel like such a beginner with mine! :)

  7. I also recently upgraded from a D80 to the D7000 and am amazed at the high ISO capabilities!!


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