Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Today is another rainy day.
But it's warm. I'm not complaining...

I'd originally planned for today's shot to be of rain splashing into puddles.
But right as I crouched down in the swampy grass to get a few macro shots, I heard a very distinct cry from inside the house. was the cry of 'I-just-pooped-in-my-pants!'...but without any words.
{ I've not decided if it's good or bad that I know that cry }

Once my janitorial services were no longer required, I headed back outside to find the rain had completely stopped. 
...So you get the side of our house instead...


  1. Well the colors are great.

    Sorry about the janitorial services you had to provide. So happy to be *mostly* past that stage...

  2. I love brick.
    I think it is a good thing you know that cry. Then you can get to it faster. ;)


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