Thursday, February 16, 2012

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When we were preparing to move { read: throwing out or donating anything we could }
I found this little tea set in my mementos box. 

I have no. idea. who gave it to me.
{ pretty awesome memento, huh?! }
I wish I could remember as I simply love it and would love it all the more knowing who gave it to me.

I knew once we got settled in our new home I'd want to photograph it.
And that time finally came this week.
...except I was having one heck of a time getting the background just how I wanted it.
{ grrrr!!! }

After several attempts I gave up.
And instead decided to browse my favorite photography being one of them.
Wouldn't you know it...that exact same day she had a post with a tutorial on how to add in a faux background.
{ haaaaaaa-llelujah! ...and I don't sing that in jest...I really think God helps us out with small things, too. }

Thanks to Tutorial Tuesday and Ashley's guest poster Jill Wellington, I was able to get my image to match what was in my head.
{ sigh & grin...thanks for your help girls! :) }



  1. That looks amazing - so glad that we seemed to be on the same page that day. :)

  2. Oh, Katie, that turned out so pretty!!

  3. I pulled this up and thought,as I looked at the pic.. I wonder if she followed Ashley's tutorial...hahahhahah

    great photo

  4. Love it - now I have to check out the tutorial!

  5. Oh I love it!! You did an awesome job!

  6. A good choice for your background too. What an adorable set, I had one of those as a child.

  7. I read that post too and thought I would give it a try some time. Worked out wonderfully as your little tea set is beautiful. V

  8. I love how it looks just like it is really there. Did you add the wallpaper then do your artistic edit?

  9. Love Love Love!!! This is just so fascinating to me.... I read Ashley's post and am interested to give this a try!

  10. A beautiful edit of a special memento.

  11. This is a perfect background! It suits the subject SO well and is just as soft and romantic as the tea set. Great job!


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