Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Flowers...Imagine That.

I'm back again!

...with more photos of the same flowers...

...but with different angles and edits...


This country-vintage-ish edit makes me crave chicken fried chicken and smothered mashed potatoes. 
Is that weird?


I love how sunflowers can look so good in black and white, too.
It's almost like dressing them in formal wear. 
...which makes me think of wedding cake...


My dianthus are blooming loads more since last week, but the squirrels think it's great fun to rip the blooms off and scatter the petals on the ground. 

Apparently they're pretty hacked that I didn't plant something more palatable. chicken, mashed potatoes, and cake.


I was thinking since we haven't seen each other for a long while, and since I happen to have a taken-within-the-last-week recent photo, I'd make an appearance with my husband...

Howdy, y'all!
From Texas with Love.


  1. Hello lovely you! You grew out your hair! I'm so happy you're back to blogging. I missed you. :)

    1. Elizabeth!!!! I've missed you too!
      ...I can't say I'm back to blogging, but I might show up every now and then. ;)

  2. Your hair has gotten so long!

    NEVER thought to turn a sunflower to B/W... that is awesome!

    1. There seem to be a handful of flowers that do well in b&w. If Spring ever makes it to your neck of the woods, you'll have to give it a try. ;)

      And yes, my hair is long now! I haven't cut it for a year and a half...although Seth is trying to convince me to go short again.

  3. Hello Beautiful! Welcome back! :)

    1. Hi Becky!!! It's nice to see you pop up in my fb feed a lot. :)

  4. Hey you! I haven't been by here in ages! Beautiful captures (as always).

  5. It's always interesting to see the side-by-side comparison of a color vs. B&W/monochrome image. I prefer to muted appearance of the monochrome -- it makes the flower appear more delicate. Although I wasn't asked, I prefer you in short hair -- sportier.

  6. Hi can`t wait to see more of you... I changed my site name and url.. come by and say hello.


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